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 The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In, o p e n
Don't stop make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight I'm-a fight till we see the sunlight Tick-tock on the clock but the party don't stop, no
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TAGS: open to anyone and everyone !
Franziska never liked sharing her birthday with her brother. As a child, she would insist on celebrating her birthday on another day, even refusing to acknowledge happy birthday wishes if they were also directed at her brother. It was her birthday and hers alone, and with his notable absence from Aurozora, the day could truly be hers. Today, she would be the center of attention at the most exclusive event of the day. The guest list was set, and only the elite of Aurozora would be given the privilege of enjoying the festivities that came with celebrating the life and accomplishments of Ji-Woo Franziska Han— all on a live television special, no less.

Everything was nearly perfect. Nearly. As Fran had learned time and again through her involvement with Luminous Studio, everything was conditional. The guest list was something she had no control over, which meant a whole cast of notable people that she wasn't quite as passionate about having celebrate her birthday were in possible attendance. If this were a more intimate gathering that she had full control over, she would have given herself a break from #Cassziska today, wouldn't have had Eloise Prideux there to possibly upstage her, wouldn't have even had Elliot there if she could have helped it. But of course, for publicity's sakes, those parties and more were coming to the celebration at the country club.

Clad in her one-of-a-kind, form-fitting dress, specifically designed for the event, the feeling of the cameras rolling behind her putting her on extra high alert, she nursed her glass of champagne in her hand as people rolled in with their gilded envelopes, greeting well-wishers one by one in what felt like a bourgeoisie awards show pre-party. And the best part? Oh right, it's for her.

open to anyone and everyone, feel free to be either invited or someone crashing the party, and of course, notable MDS celebrities are also invited
Franziska Han

This was exactly why he'd kicked up a big fuss when Luminous had proposed taking charge over his own birthday bash. This wasn't what Franziska would've preferred, he was sure. He was forced into attending, threatened by the possibility that his solo debut would get pushed back another couple of months. It would be fine, maybe, if he found the booze or a good hiding spot to get high enough that he'd be able to deal with #Cassziska for however long this shit show would drag on for. Kayla said most of his time had to be spent with the birthday girl herself. He wished he could say he hadn't signed up for this, all those months ago. Maybe then he'd actually be able to enjoy himself with his ex-friend, fake ex, whatever the fuck Fran was to him now.

Cass hadn't even been able to dress himself, once again having a more masculine outfit forced on him since he was supposed to be the Theo to Fran's Delilah. It was bullshit. He would've shown up in a dress just to spite Lum's publicity department, if only they hadn't insisted on escorting him to the country club for that exact reason. Be on your best behaviour for the cameras, Cassidy. Yeah, right. Did they know who he was?

He rolled in twenty minutes after the party was due to start, tie already loosened and shirt untucked. "Franny, happy birthday." Cass fixed her with a sickly sweet smile, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leaning in to press a kiss to her cheek. He felt nauseous.

gold up in my teeth. FRANZISKA HAN / anyone + this is horrible, he is horrible, i lov u fran
vocals/sub-rapper, drift
PLAY BY rags
You got my heart
and I've got your soul
But are we better off all alone?
He was curious about the invite, unsure who has sent it until he opened it. Was Fran having a birthday at the country club? Well, how could he miss that? He had met the woman several weeks prior at a musical of legally blonde where they were both forced into the roles of some of the leads. Ace, having come from Broadway and musicals over the course of his young acting career, felt right at home while Fran seemed to have been a fish out of water - but she still picked it up relatively easily. They seemed to hit it off well enough and he enjoyed her company.

Plus she was a friend of Lunahri's - though that mattered less now because they had met themselves, it wasn't bad to know of the woman. So, taking his sweet time - he had plenty to spare, Ace picked out what he imagined was a simple but, classy outfit. It complimented everything about him but didn't overdo it. A white tee shirt with his fitted blazer that he let hang open. He placed his gift to the birthday girl in his bag that hung over his shoulder and across his chest until he was ready to go. ", wallet, bag, cash..." He mumbled under his breath as he patted his pockets. He wanted to make sure he didn't forget anything - he was prone to doing that.

The drive was short enough on his bike. He opted to leave the helmet and jacket behind - the weather was nice enough, and this time of year wasn't known to be some of their busiest in Aurozora. Finally making it to the club, Ace made his way into the building showing his invitation and proceeding to the main hall. There were a lot of people here - and for good reason. Fran was a star and skilled enough to warrant such a ball. He wondered, for a brief moment how much had been her own doing and how much was Luminous working their magic for the starlette.

Taking his time, Ace walked over to the woman who was accompanied by a young man. Was that...Cassidy Belmont? One of those Drift members? Normally Ace would have scoffed at the sight, but this wasn't his place and he didn't know this one personally. He hated Theo and painted the rest of them with a broad brush. Perhaps this one was different. Snapping back to reality, only a couple seconds after arriving, Ace smiled brightly offering his hand to Fran. "Fran. Helluva party you got here." Turning his head to Cassidy once more, he nodded at the other male. "Pleasure. Ace Wolfe." He could and should still use pleasantries.

Snapping his free hand's fingers, and after a few moments - whether she shook his hand or not - Ace reached into his bag. "I got you..." Grinning and chuckling softly, he pulled out a box of assorted chocolates. "Some chocolate. I don't know that much about you, but figured chocolate couldn't hurt. For later?" The words were soft as he handed the chocolate off to the woman.
notes: Outfit plus bag.
hot shit
So here's what happened: Delilah's invitation got lost in the mail. She had to hear about the party through simple word-of-mouth, and thanks to that, she didn't necessarily know all the details... As in, she had just heard 'party' and assumed it was the average house party to honor Franziska's birthday. And by the time she discovered otherwise, she and Theodore had already finished pre-game drinking.

Suffice to say, they were fucking wasted.

Delilah hadn't recalled the exact location of the party until the moment she had gone to call an Ubor outside the bar, and she hadn't realized how fancy of a party it was until they were two seconds from arriving... at the country club, which seemed to be surrounded by cameras.

"Ohhh, shit," Delilah all but hissed to Theodore, whom she'd been laughing uncontrollably against just a moment ago, about god only knows what. "Theo... It's a fuckin' bougie partyyy." They were attending a high-class event (that was likely being broadcasted over several different mediums) and they were not only severely lacking in the proper attire, but they were also drunk off their asses with an awful case of the giggles.

Everything should be fine.

"Okay, play it cool, play it cool," Delilah told Theodore after exiting the Ubor with him and putting her sunglasses back on. "We just gotta—we gotta pretend we're a bit more sober, and act, like, super classy and shit. No one will know a thing, okay, so shhh." She concluded by smooshing a finger against Theodore's lips, then nearly burst out laughing again at how stupid he looked. But she resisted.

Approaching the front entrance with her chin held high and with as good a posture as she could manage, she resumed leaning against Theodore for support (though with him leaning against her, too, it made for quite the awkward stumble) and kept her arm linked through one of his. "Greetings, doorkeeper!" she called out to the doorman, in a tone she thought would classify as 'casual' and also 'dignified'. For some reason that warranted an old-English accent in the place of her usual, faintly Irish accent. Who even knew why.

"My darling fiancé and I request entry to this fine establishment, please. Perhaps you could make that happen for us, my good man?" she asked. He gave her a funny look, perturbed by her casual clothing and also unsure of what she was trying to do with her voice, then asked for their names. "Delilah O'Reilly and Theodore Jeong," she said, with mock humility in her tone, "A.K.A. Flare Magazine's Couple Of The Moment, but we're no big deal, really—"

Looking like he was tired of them already, the doorman urged them along with a nod of his head, and just like that, they were in the party. Delilah celebrated this by giving Theodore a very low-key, very modest high five, before resuming her refined posture and putting her sunglasses into her purse.

"I can't believe I'm wearing mom jeans on live television," Delilah muttered to Theodore as they moved instinctively towards the beverage table, "and you're wearing—" Before she could finish her sentence, she burst out laughing whenever she looked over at Theodore's outfit and realized—fully, truly realized—that underneath his jacket, he was wearing a tank top that blatantly read, "LIT AS F*CK". She fell against him in a hurry, frantically trying to zip his jacket up whilst giggling like mad.

"A-News just saw you promoting fuckboy propaganda at a bougie party!" she quietly informed him amidst her snickering. And once the jacket was finally zipped up, she proceeded to bury her face in his shoulder until the laughter subsided, hoping to muffle herself that way.

From a distance, all the other party-goers could easily recognize Delilah and Theo, clad in their everyday clothes, giggling to themselves about who-the-fuck knows.

Mission: Stay Classy was definitely looking like a failure so far.

THEODORE JEONG open to all !
these two didnt get the memo
delilah oreilly
PLAY BY kiwii
hot shit
we can get
we can get low oh, na na na. let me be your friend, baby let me in, tell you lies oh na na na. we can get lost oh, na na na. take it all off, oh, na na na. let me be your friend, baby let me in, give it to me oh, na na
There was a party going down for Franziska, he was reminded of it because his manager put it in his calendar but, there was no other information other than...well, it was a party going down. He was the leader of Drift. Drift, the fuckboy group to end all fuckboy groups. So, it would be the last thing for him to assume that this was going to be those tux and dress type of parties.

Was he ever wrong.

When he mentioned it to Dill, apparently she also heard about it and if Dill who did not know Franziska (or so he thinks) heard about it, then it was probably going to be something like Cass. Even though he might have fucked up on the whole Kaz thing and a shit load of people found out Cass's house number.

They did some predrinking, nonetheless. He wasn't sure how it got to it and to be honest, he never thought he'd be predrinking for Franziska's Han's birthday party with his fake fiancee.

To top it off when they actually arrived, they realized that it was not the party they were planning to march into. Cameras flash at their arrival, already due to the fact that they were highly underdressed.

He barely managed to not hiccup, and now they were to pretend that they were sober? "OH yeah, fuck yeah - we can look classy and shit." He said, looking off to the side to see others. He couldn't stop laughing so maybe he did deserve that finger to the lip. Although it just got him snickering now.

She handled getting in because he couldn't be bothered to. He actually was distracted, waving at whoever was around even if he couldn't quite remember them at the moment. Not to mention, he didn't get the best looks from them.

When they were actually in, they went towards the drink table-- Theo already picking up a glass of champagne. He glanced down to see her in mom-jeans as she had stated and goes into a snickering fit again. "Hey," he croaked out through the snickers, "at least you are rocking them." And then he resumed to snicker again.

It didn't help that she was snickering about as well. Okay, people laugh when others laugh and they can't stop laughing. Not to mention she had to point out what he was wearing. He started to snort-snicker now. "HOly shit I am." He was trying to keep it in a whisper but, it didn't come out like that. He let her do her thing of zipping him up because he probably would have struggled.

"Look, obviously they already think we're drunk a weeeee little." he handed her a glass of champagne, "So if we just pretend like we've been drinking here. It'll ...make us seem less 'pre-drink' mess and more, 'drunk at party'." He said, holding his glass up and downing it. He placed the glass on the side of the table after. "Oh..." Suddenly, he realized what he did. A look of surprise filled his facial expression. "I guess.. I wasn't supposed to ..." He started to snicker, "drink that." He snorted, laughing again. This time he couldn't hold it in, hiding his face into her shoulder to hide the laughter.

They weren't doing such a great job at not attracting attention.

hot shit
wanna party today
I wanna go hard I don’t care what others say, my way What’re you doing right now?
dance with me
Sayuri hadn't expected an invitation from Franziska Han. When it turned up in the mail, she read the invite twice, thinking she'd misread the addressee. She barely knew the woman; she'd met her before during a social gathering or two, but the MDS entertainment director barely mingled with Luminous Studio actresses so she didn't know her on a personal level.

The only logical explanation were that maybe the invites had been sent out by her manager or alternatively they had been trying to get hold of her famous grandfather... maybe they didn't realise that there were two Yoshiokas in town. Who knows? Either way, she couldn't exactly ignore it; it would be bad form if she didn’t turn up at all.

Sayuri did some shopping and armed with an arsenal of bath bombs, shower gels and other beauty products as gifts, not to mention a couple’s therapy spa voucher (she’d heard on the grapevine that Franziska liked her spa days) she sauntered into the party. It was at the Country Club and though Sayuri had visited before, she’d never seen it decorated quite like this. The event was even covered by live television, which was not very surprising. She had to commend Franziska’s management team. They were really going all out at publicising the event. It probably explained the diverse guest list.

Sayuri was glad that she’d dressed for the event. A satin navy blue cocktail dress showed off her shoulders and her collarbone. The pleats complimented her figure making her look rather dainty. She’d done up her hair too in an elegant bun.

The cameras flashed in every direction as she walked in. There were a number of celebrities moving into the party zone and laughter and small talk was audible in all directions. She could smell the champagne even at the entrance.

As she made her way in, she didn't see too many friends, but she spotted Franziska in the centre of it all, graciously accepting her gifts and conversing with someone who seemed vaguely familiar. A singer maybe? She couldn’t see his face though. The other man with the actress was someone she knew quite well. Ace Wolfe.

She waited politely for them to finish their conversation and so she could greet the actress; maybe she’d slip out sooner rather than later. Or preferably just make her way to the bar.

"Franziska!" she chimed. "Happy Birthday." She handed the actress the present, wrapped neatly by herself. "I thought you'd like this." She smiled at the person she couldn't quite place, "Hi, it's a pleasure to meet you." She grinned at Ace. "And how do you do, Mr. Wolfe?"

PLAY BY vayu
hot shit
If he hadn't already promised to come to this party before that god-forsaken day at the café, then Daiki wouldn't have bothered coming to the country club at all. Considering how much he disapproved with the birthday girl's choices as of late, the friendship that they formed during their trainee days was pretty much the only reason that he had even agreed to come. Of course, it probably helped that his best friend said that she would be in attendance. If it weren't for that knowledge, the blond actor probably would have left right after greeting his fellow Gossip Girl cast mate – even if his reasoning for not wanting to be at the party was petty.

He'd have to apologize to Franziska for that, really. It wasn't any of his business who her other friends were, even if some of them could be heartless. He was just as bad, though, if he were to really think about it. Judging Franziska's friendship with the Aria's posse from past actions that weren't even committed against himself? As much as he hated to admit it, which was a lot, Daiki knew that he couldn't exactly take the moral high ground – not yet, anyway.

Now wasn't the time to worry about apologizing, though. This was supposed to be a celebration, and he didn't want to be the one to bring the mood down.

Still, it was dumb luck that he spotted his on-and-off-screen best friend almost as soon as the thought passed through his mind. Unsurprisingly, the redhead was already a bit tipsy – and he couldn't blame her. Sometimes even he needed a drink when dealing with Theo. Grabbing his own glass of champagne after he made his way over to them, he opened his mouth to speak. "I'm surprised that you guys got here before I did." He paused for a few seconds to take a sip of his drink. Looking at Delilah, he asked, "Have you two been drinking this whole time?"

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the spark that's driving me insane our eyes strike like
when they meet
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