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If one were to know Benjamin Sun personally, it would be quite difficult to say that one takes the man completely seriously. It's hard to say that the man even takes himself seriously— can a man truly be so self-absorbed, take himself that seriously?

Fortunately for the republic of Aurozora and perhaps the audience of the world, where all eyes were turned to the island whose major export and industry was entertainment, these were questions the general public didn't have to ponder. Benjamin Sun is at his best on his late night talk show, shining with a charisma that earned him his prime time spot, honed over years of hosting game shows and reality television, forged from the fires of radio, his persona cleverly crafted and developed after almost a decade on air. Not many can say they have accomplished as much at his age. Sundown with Benjamin Sun was, indeed, the pinnacle of late night talk shows broadcast by Aurora News. It was a form of entertainment that didn't come out the doors of MDS or Luminous. Aurora News might have been a news media conglomerate, but damn, it was entertainment, a fact Benjamin knew best.

"Sun, you're on in five."

He chugged his water bottle and donned his signature frames (not that he needed them to see) and smiled at his reflection in the mirror.


He stepped out onto the live studio floor, waving to the audience, the headphone and microphone piece in his ear crackling from all the commotion.

"Gooooooooooooooooood evening, Aurozora! You're watching Sundown with Benjamin Sun, and I'm your host, Benjamin Sun! Let's give a warm, sunny welcome to our guests for the evening, Luminous artists Aria.Caroline and Elliot Enriquez!"

He took a seat at his mahogany desk, took a sip from his Sundown with Benjamin Sun™ coffee mug and gave a wink to the camera, the model of Aurozora blinking behind him as the audience cheered for tonight's special guests to come on out and get this party started.

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I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday And I need that good one to wake me up on a Sunday That one from work can come over on Monday night

She primped her hang, running her fingers through her freshly curled locks. She prodded at her ensemble, pushing and pulling every which way until it sat just right. She starred in the mirror and fussed with her makeup, fixing her lipstick line and fluffing up her lashes. Aria primped, prodded, pushed, pulled, fussed and fluffed every part of her appearance until she was happy. So, she never stopped, because she was never happy.

Something was always too this or too that, nothing could ever be perfect enough for Aria.Caroline from TV. Especially not when she would actually be seen, on TV. Tonight she would be on one of the hottest talk shows to discuss her latest release, amongst other things that she hoped her publicist had put on the *DO NOT ASK* list. Though they often disregarded that when it came to her interviews. Evidently her rather, honest, answers to questions made for great TV which made for great publicity for her.

It was genius really, though she didn’t think of it herself so there was no way Aria would be admitting that.

As she sat backstage, looking in the mirror the starlet paused for a moment. She took just a quick second to look over to her co-star for this evening. He really was rather attractive, she had to admit. That first day in the mall she tried to fight seeing it but, him being dressed up like this, well, it made it all the more clear. Before she was caught gawking like a schoolgirl Aria returned to her own reflect. Unsatisfied as ever.

“Five minute warning.” One of the PAs walked through their dressing room. “Well, this is going to have to be good enough tonight.” There would be no more time for hym’ing and ha’ing, it was almost showtime.

The singer got out of her chair, meeting her fellow artist as they were lead out of the dressing room. “So. You ready to do this Rico-Suavez?” The PAs hustled them out into the corridor, rushing along to the main studio. She looked back at him as they were parade to the stage, “You gonna behave yourself tonight? Huh?” Aria gave him a little wink. As inappropriate his behavior was, seeing as she was still not single (for however fleeting that would prove to be), it wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy it. She very much did enjoy the special attention he paid her.

God knows it was more than she was getting from her actual boyfriend right now. For the past few months for that matter. Fuck, she was horny; the singer bite her lip in private as the thought went through her head.

As the parade of assistants and stage-hands came into the wings of the studio she could hear the crowd from just behind the facade. A few butterflies zoomed around her stomach, at this point Aria was a seasoned professional, but she always felt a little bit of stage fright to be a good thing. It kept you on your toes, put energy in the performance, and she kept to this belief both while on stage and on TV.

Benjamin’s voice erupted in the space behind the fake walls. It was - S h o w t i m e - the starlet took one breath in, letting out all those butterflies, releasing them into the energy of the space. The talk-show hosts voice raised and the crowd started to applaud and cheer louder than before. One of the PAs gave her a gentle push forward, nudging her into the open space.

Here we go. Her heel made contact with the varnish wood floor of the studio and she was off. With a smile plastered over her face and her hand waving back and forth she took the stage, followed closely by Elliot. They were on air.

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