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 dance on the ceiling, ft. kimura
notes: this post isn't that great. [OUTFIT]
To be honest, Eliana wasn't the biggest fan of amusement parks. She didn't have anything against them, of course, but her memories involving amusement parks weren't necessarily happy. If the brunette remembered correctly, the last time that Eliana had been to Aurozora's local amusement park was during the Halloweentown event. Considering the fact that she ended up having to trail Gemini for one reason or another, it hadn't been what she would call fun.

It was all she could do to hope that things would go better this time around. Usually, she had to keep track of a younger relative. During the few times where that hadn't been necessary, Eliana would tend to get sick on some ride because stupid Jason would usually drag her onto them right after she finished eating. One would think that the brunette singer-songwriter would avoid the amusement park – outside of red carpet events – after such an experience, right? Somehow, though, Eliana still ended up going whenever she was invited. Why wouldn't she? Denying such an invitation would be social suicide, and that wasn't something that Eliana was willing to go through.

Of course, that wasn't why she was at the park this time around. Right now, she had an excuse to reject invitations because her few friends knew that she would be busy getting her career off the ground. Surprisingly, though, it was MDS that was suggesting that Eliana try to bond with another solo artist. Despite trying to get out of it, the brunette ended up coming anyway. Fortunately, it wasn't long after she arrived that she spotted a familiar head of platinum blonde hair – the very person that she was supposed to be spending time with.

Taking a deep breath, Eliana opened her mouth to call out to the other singer, "Over here, Kimura!"

Lia Varano
PLAY BY Hestia
Kimura Nakatomi
She loved fun, and she loved amusement parks. She rarely had the chance to go when she was younger, because her parents were always on tour. Though the odd occasions she did get to go, she had such fun! Kimura remembers the breeze whizzing past her as she was on the drop tower, and she loved the thrill of the fastest roller coasters around. Kimura smiled fondly at the memories. She was so happy to spend those fleeting moments with her parents, but then it was back to the starlight, and all the joy from that freedom faded. Sure she loved her parents, and she loved the stage, but sometimes just relaxing was good too.

So Kimura was more than happy to accept MDS' request to spend some time bonding and working with a fellow diva, and her delight only grew when she heard her name being called and turned to see Eliana. Kimura ran up to the brunette in pure, innocent excitement. "Eliana!" She beamed with a squeal. "This is going to be so fun!" The blonde giggled. "What do you wanna do first?" Kimura was basically bouncing from foot to foot, trying to resist the urge to hug the brunette, a habit that she was learning to control.

((ooc: Sorry I took so long to reply))

Hikaru⭐Hoshi / H⭐H
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