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 [EVENT] last minute gifting, ft. kazuki
He had to be cursed. It was the only explanation, really. Why else would Daiki have ended up being secret santa to one of the few people that he might actually hate? That was saying something, too, because he usually tried not to hate people. In fact, his naivety was something that bothered people. Luckily, most people pegged it as something that went hand-in-hand with his child-like nature. Then again, some people might see it as unfortunate since it usually resulted in him acting before he could actually think things through. Honestly, most people would consider him stupid for admitting to that – but it wasn't like Daiki had ever really claimed to be street smart.

None of that was important, though...not really, anyway. What was important (for now, anyway) was the fact that he was stuck being secret santa for that douchebag who betrayed his friend to start a solo career. Not really caring about what the guy thought of his Christmas present, Daiki didn't really put much thought into it. He just grabbed a leather jacket from some random store in the Airion district, not even looking at the price tag since it was all pocket change anyway, before tossing it at Kuro because he would at least find some way of making it look like Daiki gave a damn about what Kazuki Takeda thought about his gift.

Just thinking about the man made him angry. The sooner that he got this over with, the sooner he'd be able to move on and focus on work. With this in mind, the blond actor made his way into the country club – intent on finding the male soloist. Spotting him over by the bar, Daiki rolled his eyes before walking over and saying to him, "Merry Christmas, Takeda."

It wasn't like the guy was expecting him to be nice, right?

notes: sorry for this post sucking. (this is the jacket being gifted)
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