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It had got to the point for Conna where live performances didn't affect him in any way, anymore. He'd done it enough that being an entertainer didn't phase him anymore, and he could go up infront of large crowds and be... himself. The band had spent the past few minutes sitting on speaker and amp cases with guitars, drums, and other music equipment practicing before the show. They were confident enough that they wouldn't fuck up, so they spent most of the time just fucking around, making up shitty little songs while Dean played the acoustic guitar with some generic chords and Gunner whipped up a basic drum beat. Just to kill the time. Even if they did fuck up on stage, it all was just part of the live experience. You went to see a band live to gain a different experience than just listening from home. And also to support your favorite band, of course.

Nonetheless, he took a quick selfie for Poze, tapping away on his phone, filling out the pozt and captioning his pic with some hashtags before their manager gave them the thumbs up. "You're on." Was all that was said before a smile met the frontman's face as the trio stood up together. "Good luck" He wished them, patting each of them on the back as they passed by. A few steps lead the trio onto the stage. Lead in front by Conna, followed by their guitarist Dean, and Gunner tagging quietly behind. The lights of the stage almost blinding the singer, his hand raising to block the light from his eyes. A large grin meeting his face as he looked out across to the masses of people all stood waiting for the band's performance. Long and patient they'd waited, with loud cheers echoing throughout the arena. Dean stood to the left of the stage, Gunner sat down in the middle on the drum kit which had already been prepared, and the various temporary band members hired to perform with the band also took their places.

Conna adjusted the mic on the stand accordingly, to his rough mouth height. Turning back to check his bandmates were ready, before his head turned back to the crowd with a smile. Cameras on him as his smile broadcast across the entire arena on giant screens setup just behind him. He leaned into the mic, tapping it as the band performed routine sound checks, speakers emitting loud and clear. The sound audibly being slowly adjusted to fit just right. He gave it some time, and eventually, spoke out to the fans who'd made it here tonight. "What up Aurozora!" He said, his voice booming throughout the arena. "Yo that's a bit quiet turn that shit up, this is a fuckin' rock concert not some boy band shit." He said, turning to his left to where he assumed the sound people were. "Nice nice... Alright nah for real though, we're going to get straight into it here, you ready!" He said, expecting nothing but cheers in return. "Alright nice! This one's dedicated to the one, the only.. Theo Jeong! He yelled into the mic before turning back to his drummer nodding and kickstarting this mu'fuckin concert!

Gunner slapped her sticks together three times to signal the start of the song, kicking it off with an initial hit and then the beginning of the song began to start.

"He spends his time
Or may be half of his time
Or part of his time wandering
Around the creeks and cobble stones of hackney lanes
With a tear in his eye
As the children walk by, he's thinking of a song
And then stops to paint a picture of a frown
Walking around"

He began to sing the first verse of the song, the whole band starting off the evening together playing in sync. A brief pause occured between the first verse and the second, with a few wacky bits summer time instrumentation, a slick beat with a mix of drums, keyboard, bass and guitar.

Theo Jeong's smile
Leaves you trying to decide
Who's the victim, what's the crime?
No rest for the mind that's seen it all before
And I don't know where he lives
But he's a myth of a man
And Texas Bob the cameraman
Is off to fix his suit before the show
Yeah, but where did he go?

A similar pause in vocals to the first verse's as the instrumentation got a little bit of the spotlight again, the cameras panning to the Drummer, Keyboard player, and Guitarist as they all played their part, before the Conna's vocals took over the sound once more, the camera and spotlight returning to him.

"To know when your time's up
You flip the glass and watch the hours quickening
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
In the back of the station
Fluorescent lights about to quit their flickering
Well he speaks his mind
He says "what is crime?"
Theo Jeong's eyes"

In the middle of the park
When the underground is dark
He's a poet, he's a lark
He starts thinking
About a place that no one knows
And when the creeks run dry
He stays frozen in time
Strange lights in the sky
Start blinking
I can see the car outside but he's listening
He's listening
He's listening
And he's making up his mind

"He made his mind up!" - The rest of the band sung, providing backing vocals as Conna leaned back, laughing at how ridiculous the song is.
"To get things done and overcome"
"He made his mind up!" - The band sang once again, while Conna nodded his head with a grip on the mic.
"Yeah he's going to let it go"
"He made his mind up!" - Once again.
"In the park and at the station..."
"He made his mind up!"

"Yeah, he's going to get it done, he made his mind up" Conna sang, this time along with the backing vocals.
"Ooh yeah, he's going to get it done
He made his mind up
Yeah, he's going to let it go, uh oh
No matter the time
Oh, oh
When the creeps run by
Oh no
He's making his mind up
Oh, oh, oh, oh"

"Yeah, he's going to get it done whoa
Oh yeah, when the creeks run dry whoa oh
Yeah, he's going to listen to his soul
Yeah, when the creeps walk by and say
"Come here boy, look me in the eye"
Bow to the heart, back to the beat of"

"THEO JEONG!" - Conna yelled into the mic, throwing his fist in the air as he yelled out his rival's name.


live from aurozora!
by xion of sonder
conner from renegades

Kai spent his entire day wandering the streets and stores of Aurozora’s city square. The city was extremely nice and full of its own fluorescence; the bustling life was something that Kai was used to. Slung on his shoulder was a shopping bag from some shop that was far too expensive for someone of his current pay- as a growing artist. On his way back to the bus station, however, a certain voice blared through speakers and through his music. What the fuck is happening?

The silver haired boy tugged out his earbuds to look around- only to spot a… concert? Why did Aurozora allow concerts to be held in the middle of the fucking city? Kai approached the edge of the crowd, one that was surprisingly big for the sweaty Edgelord performing some sort of alt. rock serenade for “Theo Jeong”. So much for a hate song, right? How does singing about someone’s smile translate to hate? An unimpressed smile sits on Kai’s pink lips as he subconsciously sways to the beat of the drums with his weight leaned on his left leg. Kai had to admit that the instrumentalists were rather good- the guitarist especially. None of them were exactly bad either and none were bad looking, there was just something about the way the lead singer seemed to carry himself with an air of arrogance that already pissed Kai off. Another douchebag in the music industry, what’s new?

The song came to an end with the squawk of a certain Drift member’s name and left the crowd cheering. As they began to settle down and the breathing of the audience slowed, Kai called out in a smug voice- making sure to be loud enough for the lead singer to hear, “That was a pretty gay song, bro!”

CONNA KOWALSKI sjdek this was such a short reply done on my phone;;;
Aurozora's self-proclaimed platonic power couple of the decade were ready to fucking slay. Cass had been around for the rehearsals both on and offstage, the set list memorised, certain of when exactly he would be joining Retrograde for a few songs. He was immensely grateful for the differences between his role today, and the hardships involved in a DRIFT concert. There was still a fair amount of time left before he was needed, so Cass was going to enjoy the show before he became a part of it. Already his stomach was in knots and he knew the nauseating mix of nerves and excite would only grow as the minutes ticked by, a countdown running in his head.

With the other VIPs, he was stood right in front of the stage, alongside security and the camera crew. An almost perfect view, except for having to tilt his head a fair way back to see. He cheered along with the rest of the crowd as Retrograde walked on. That boy band comment made him raise his eyebrows, though he expected nothing less from Conna, to be honest. Even after he'd gone through the trouble of trying to teach poor Retrograde the official choreography for their DRIFT cover, they still didn't seem to appreciate the amount of effort that went into dancing and singing (or rapping) at the same time, song after song. But he'd let it slide this time, knowing he'd probably forget to start whining about it later.

Opening with A Song for Theo Jeong was a bold move. Cass maybe felt the tiniest bit guilty for singing along but, hey, this was still free publicity for Theo, wasn't it? Snippets of the song made it onto his Snapyap, he decorated the close-up clips of Conna with dozens of multi-coloured hearts, supporting his partner in crime on social media too.

At the brief interval between songs, a shout in the distance caught his attention. He turned his head in the direction of the unwelcome comment, spotting a silver head of hair. Wanting to check it was who he thought it was, he pointed his phone towards them, zooming in to get a slightly closer look. And, yup, there was the little shit. He snapped a picture of Kai's blurry figure, adding on a caption reading 'go home u salty hoe' and sending it to the musician. It was quickly followed up with a smug-faced selfie, showing off the crowd pressed up against the barrier behind him.

CONNA KOWALSKI, KAI SUN | all of them are fuckin memes
we got that love the crazy kind i am his and he is mine in the end it's him and i
vocals/sub-rapper, drift
PLAY BY rags
Kimura Nakatomi
Kimura wasn't exactly a rock or boy band type of girl. She thought they were sweaty and gross, but Retrograde was performing, and her manager insisted that she explore different styles of music so she can get ideas for her own music. Though she was more of a pop/electric/anything upbeat kind of girl. And it showed as she pushed her way through the crowds of people in a simple puffy short white dress with pink lace and ribbon everywhere. Everyone around her was dressed in various styles of clothing suited to the concert, so she was glad to be the only cute person there.

Only issue she had, was that she was placed in the VIP area, so she had to be close to the stage. Which hurt her neck as she was so tiny compared to most others there, especially for her age. But eventually she managed to get herself somewhat comfortable just as the song started. Well, it was okay, she guessed, at least for something out of her comfort zone. Though snickers were heard as a comment rang out when the song had ended. She knew some of the rising names, but she had no idea who most of these people were, so she was sort of just there during the concert on an experience mission for her manager.

Hikaru⭐Hoshi / H⭐H
Solo Artist
no name
He honestly did NOT want to be at this concert right now. Sure, he didn't actively dislike alternative rock music, but that didn't necessarily mean that he was a fan of it. It just wasn't his style. Did his manager care? Nope, not one bit. The man insisted that Daiki should go to the concert just to show his support for his fellow Luminous talents. At least, that was the reason that he was told. However, the blond actor figured that his manager probably had ulterior motives for getting him to go to the concert.

He would rather be doing promo work for The Hunger Games. Apparently, that didn't matter too much since he was forced to stand in the middle of the city watching the British "rocker" perform in front of his biggest fans. Daiki supposed, though, that he should be glad that he didn't have to hang with the general population – even if it did mean having to be closer to Cass than he'd prefer. Luckily, being an actor from the same agency was enough to have him with the other VIPs.

"That was a pretty gay song, bro!"

Of course, that was when the blond actor heard a rather unsavory comment from a silver-haired boy that he could've sworn was the most recent addition to Luminous Studio's music department. Walking toward him, Daiki spoke up with a slightly raised voice, "Dude, save those comments for poze before you make a fool out of yourself." Sure, he wasn't the biggest fan of the song – but it was free publicity for his friend, so he tried not to complain too much. Rolling his eyes, he continued to speak, "Are you sure you're not just jealous that you're not the one getting free publicity?"

As he waited for a reply, the blond actor sent a quick text message to his friend (Theo): 'LOL. Conna decided to open up the show by singing about YOU.'

notes: not my best post
the spark that's driving me insane our eyes strike like
when they meet
daiki nishimura
PLAY BY Hestia
hot shit
notes: sorry if this sucks [OUTFIT]
She almost pitied the girl. Almost being the operative term, of course. It was hard to pity someone that liked being singled out – and Eliana would know. How? She knew because she was the same way. She, herself, absolutely loved it when she stood out from the rest of the crowd, but there was a time and a place for that. The crowd of an alternative rock concert? It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that a person should never want to stick out in a place like that.

Sure, they were all in the VIP section so most people would probably figure that the platinum blonde girl had probably never been to a rock show in her life – but when they would all have to leave? The brunette couldn't help but feel like the other girl would get ambushed. While she was sure that the members of Retrograde were probably total sweethearts, Eliana was just as sure that their fans probably weren't the most savory bunch.

Taking a deep breath, Eliana moved closer toward her fellow MDS artist and raised her voice so she could be heard over the crowd and music, "Do you realize how out-of-place you look right now?" Giving the girl another once-over, Eliana continued to speak. "I mean...the outfit is cute, but if we weren't in the VIP section – I don't even want to think about what might happen to my fellow diva." Even though they weren't necessarily friends yet, and she wasn't sure if they would ever be friends, Eliana didn't really want anything bad to happen to the other girl. After letting out a soft sigh, the brunette singer spoke once more, "There's a way to be cute at a rock concert and still look like you actually belong."

Lia Varano
PLAY BY Hestia
As the previous song came to a close, Conna wasted no time in moving to the next one. He wouldn't really spend much time talking, since people came to hear the music and not his voice... Well, not his talking voice, anyway. He'd interact with the crowd every other song or so, but he needed to get this show on the road, and one god awful song for a meme wasn't going to cut it just yet. So in an almost tactical way, Conna signaled Gunner to start the song off, making sure everyone starts off on the same pace with three clicks of her drum sticks before smacking away at her huge ass drums with "Retrograde" stickers covering the front of the bass drum. Kick starting one of their more popular songs in, You Only Live Once.

The drums start off the song along with the rhythm guitar, played by a guest live band mate, and then followed up on by Dean's trademark lead guitar play, before eventually after the intro to the song, Conna's part in the vocals begun.

"Some people think they're always right!
Others are quiet and uptight
Others they seem so very nice nice nice nice (oh ho)
Inside they might feel sad and wrong (oh no)
Twenty-nine different attributes
Only seven that you like
Twenty ways to see the world
Twenty ways to start a fight"

The first verse was over, and the chorus was quickly behind it, Conna deciding to play homage to the music video, for those highly respected dedicated fans, which would know the quick little jig he'd do on stage as he sang the lyrics - "Oh don't don't don't get up!" - would be the same one he pulled in the music video to the same song.

And on with the chorus he went.

"I can't see the sunshiiiine!
Ooh I'll be waiting for you baby,
cause' I'm through...
Sit me down!
Shut me uuuup!
I'll come dooown!
I'll get along with you."

The instrumental continued, as Conna's voice was allowed a brief break after a somewhat intense chorus, picking back up with a brief hum into the microphone before the second verse.

"Oh men don't notice what they got
Women think of that a lot
One thousand ways to please your man. (oh ho)"

*Wink to the cameras on him*
"Not even one requires a play - oh I know
Countless odd religions, too
It doesn't matter which you choose (ohh)
One stubborn way to turn your back
This I've tried and now refuse (oh-ho)"

"Ohhh don't don't don't get UP!
I can't see the sunshiiiine!
Ohh I'll be waiting for you bay-baaayy...
Cause I'm through
Sit me down!
Shut me uuuuup!
I'll calm doooowwnnn!
Just to get along with you.

"Shut me uuuup! Shut me au-a-o-a-up. And I'll get along with you..."

The song came to a slow but eventual conclusion, with all the instrumentation coming to a halt after Conna had sang the final few lyrics of the song. His hands still gripping to the tall mic stand even after the song had finished, leaning back a little after he'd finished his part, but leaning back in after the song had complete.

Once the cheers and hype from YOLO had died down, he began to speak once more. The first time since before Song for Theo, which he'd hoped Theo was watching from home, at the very least. "Alright, nice." He said, as a compliment to the band, not that they needed it. "Thank you all for coming, I guess, I don't know what else to say really, it's great to be here. You know... All that cheesy stuff." A short pause ensued as he rest a hand on the top of the mic, before pulling it from the stand and dragging it across the stage. "Alright, next one, this is called uhh... Sweetie Little Jean." He said, before looking to Gunner to start it all with a subtle nod.


live from aurozora!
by xion of sonder
conner from renegades
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