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sol, solar, tae.
cisgender male.
march 14th, 1997.
luminous studio. he's been signed with them for approximately three years, including the months spent as a trainee albeit short. debuted under them around two years ago.
music. always been in this area since the beginning, he was scouted by the company due to his singing and dancing abilities ( as well as the image he's been grooming and maintaining ).
solo artist. he was a part of an idol group in south korea back when he was younger, positioned as both the main dancer and the maknae. when he was scouted by luminous, however, he decided to not extend the contract with his old agency, believing it's best to sign with luminous instead, especially when he's given the chance to shine on his own, with his previously overshadowed vocals as well. his market as a solo artist ranges from korean to japanese songs, typically, although he occasionally would collaborate for english songs as well. he tries to speak the fact that music is universal through both singing and dancing, emphasizing more on the message sent through tunes and gestures than languages.
twelve years. taeyang, or now known as solar, was a celebrated young idol in his home country, south korea, for approximately four years before his contract expired, leaving him with the decision to join luminous instead of extending it. he's been a trainee since he was nine years old, having always loved the world of showbiz. he debuted with his idol group at the age of fourteen, becoming one of the youngest in the industry, and at eighteen joined luminous as a trainee. eventually, he debuted as a solo artist around two years ago.
a paradox, he's often seen as someone who's both an introvert and extrovert, hovering in-between depending on the circumstances ( as well as mood ). his ambivalence is manifested from being in the industry for a long time, in which he's found a balance between his public and private personas. he knows how to preserve his personal sphere while also satiating mass consumption through his fan service acts, although this is when he's deemed as fake by those who dislike him. others brush it off as his doing his job, which is true.

despite his reputation for neglecting the company that had published his name to the stardom, which garnered mixed responses from the public, he's a loyal person. this applies to those who are closest to him, mostly. he's dedicated towards both his professional and personal relationships, although that one-off decision was indisputably sculpted to further his ambition. he seems the type to be manipulative, the type that would do anything to heighten his career and life. that might or might not be true, and he himself is still conflicted about the perceptions he has over himself. he, however, would like to think that he's still kind-natured, caring for his friends and fans.

energetic and focused to the core, he's often found in the dance or vocal studio until the dead hours of the nights. staying overnight at the aforementioned places is a common occurrence. he also indulges in other hobbies, including martial arts practices, as well as watching movies alone. while he has a passion towards film studies, he chooses not to involve himself as an actor, preferring to stay as a part of the audience. if he's not doing any of the activities mentioned, he would be found on rooftops, imbibing the sight of the city as he listens to music. he sometimes enjoys reading poems, and is also delving into self-composed music for his upcoming albums.

when he's not in the promotional seasons, he would be found in his house, being a homebody. sometimes, he travels with a sports car throughout the city. relishes in being a part of the city dwelling, he also can be found ambling on the sidewalks, although he's always prepared with decent disguises so as not to interrupt his alone moment with the swarm of fans. he also likes learning, taking pride in his intelligence. sometimes, he takes one-off courses from the local university, studying tidbits of modules that he enjoys. while there's no time for him to return to school on a full-time basis, he still decides to pursue academics every now and then as he doesn't want to be left behind in terms of this.

domestic violence, parental neglect, mental illnesses.
he's an apostrophe marked in the materials, possessive noun enunciated between the clasped teeth of wealth. appa is a margin in every world that he's ever stepped in, a silent quote that revolves but never involves. umma is only omnipresent in her spectred glass thoughts, shattered on the floor with shards that dissolve. parents are two syllables too many, tongued words that he averts with a resolute might. he doesn't speak of what's nonexistent; not even gods. prayers are the taboo against the silt of his mouth. maybe that's why the universe loves him.

but before it loves him, it etched marks across his skin. umma used to place her body in nooks of their penthouse, her haunted mind scattered across the hallways. it echoes thoughts that smother. appa watched as the woman he once loved turned to dust, grain by grain, and he turned to taeyang with his angry fists. lessons learned, and soon, the child found home in places that diverged from the forefront of his parents' watch. first, it was the ballet studio, then the vocal lessons. that was when the universe started working in his favor.

sought and found, he was that speckle of glimmer that the business wanted. a mere nine-year-old, he was the clay ready for sculpting. and a sculpture he became, picture-perfect five years later, labor from hours of practices paid off. he fell in love with each pirouette he could perform, each adlib he could execute. he fell in love with the limelight, forgetting adolescence, forgetting normality. he traded his soul for the universe to take, his crux an atonement for the sorrow that molded his past.

perhaps that became the reason he grew a shell so thick it's impenetrable. he doesn't speak of the man that spat and the woman that cried. left them behind with all the riches to his name in seoul, making a new name for himself in aurozora. he becomes the portrait of dreams; in his clasped fingers are prayers for atheism, vices. he's a body of translucent reveries stitched out of distant love and loss, turning himself into an idol, a muse. a star.

ryu hyun, mystic messenger
no name
Are you ready to be starstrukk'd? Now that you have been accepted please fill out your profile, your claims, make your merchadise thread and create your development thread before doing anything else!

another one to have left their old group~.

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