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Was it demented to come to a gallery simply to play chess? It was the closest place to his house that included a chess board, and it brought about more likely hood for a run in that he might not have achieved at work or in a cafe. Now, it could be said that Mathieu was very diffident. Often didn't mix well with people. But chess was something in common, and as much as the man might have.... been uncomfortable about meeting new people, he knew it was a reality that needed to happen. Whether he wanted it or not, he needed social interaction that wasn't tech support, mentoring or whatever Ren decided to call his episodic meltdowns of constant physical interaction between the two.

It wasn't often that this stategy worked though, as some just shrugged him off and discounted the man to play by himself, though it looked a bit sad in hindsight. But he would try until it worked. He would try all the things he was comfortable with until they worked, because it was easier that way and in the same barrel, he would be able to find people who shared in his interests or even personality and quirk-like natures.

His hand played with the top of the bishop piece as he moved it across the board, reaching farther to move a black piece in an effort to combat it. The game hadn't been going on very long, but it almost seemed like ages when you were waiting for someone to join you. For a few seconds, Mathieu began to curse the internet because didn't people play chess on the internet now instead? Maybe that was why he had to travel to the gallery to find a table outside of the one residing in his home.

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Visual expression brought out something usually unseen in Cadence: release. The self-inflicted restraints of control were unknotted and discarded in exchange for the freedom of indulgence in artistic relief. A momentary flash of wonderment could be found upon her face, displayed for anyone lucky enough to witness it, but it was just a flash. It didn’t last long nor did she allow anyone who knew her beyond shallow appearances to witness it. Even her muses failed to observe this moment as she hid it well. But, there, surrounded by boldly colored murals and mutilated canvas, her face was alit with a bold smile and curious gaze.

She found solace among the masterpieces of Aurozora’s gifted on a day that remained barren of their creators and follow spectators as she preferred it. In fact, she purposely has chosen the day as it was usually a slow time for wandering viewers. Of course, to the young woman’s surprise she wasn’t alone she noticed after travelling into a room of leisurely activities and seeing a person out the corner of her of her eye. Not wanting to appear rude, despite her desire to remain alone that afternoon, the young woman spoke out of politeness.

The paintings here speak so much don’t th,” she cut off her statement after noticing the man seated before her was occupied by chess pieces set before him.

Ah, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she exclaimed somewhat embarrassed at that moment, her face flushed slightly.

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