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 light star, YUHWAN CHOI
he was a
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When Min-Jun heard who was playing for one of his commercials, the boring job suddenly became interesting. Of course, he still hated being relegated to just commercials hear that a Fallout member was going to play a song? It was also a nice sentimental commercial which gave Min-Jun a chance to really act. Which was excited but again not as exciting as the Fallout member. No, it wasn't just a Fallout member but the leader of one of his favorite bands. Just the idea put a grin on the actor's face. He can remember some of the crew asking him why he was so excited but he wasn't going to tell them. No way in hell. At least not the truth anyway. So instead, he had merely waved it off as him being excited about the commercial in general.

As if.

With everyone getting things set up, Min-Jun had some time to himself. He did come here early which wasn't exactly anything new. The actor was quick to excuse himself telling the crew that they can just text him when they were done. They had naturally waved him off most likely figuring it would be better than having one bored actor on an unprepared set. However, instead of hanging around in the lounge or with a few fellow actors for the commercial, the half-American made a beeline for the music department.

Looks like he had a good excuse to talk to Yuhwan. It wasn't hard to ask where the fallout member was today. The person had even asked if he wanted a guide but Min-Jun declined. He knew the music place department well enough. It didn't take long before Min-Jun arrived at the door knocked on it waiting for his idol to open the door equipped with the perfect excuse.

Min-Jun Han
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