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 Copperfield at the Beach, Jin Hoshigawa
391 words
"I won't regret this sinful wish of mine"
Elise had been meaning to try and relax more lately. She has been so on edge between pursuing her career path and attempting to socialize normally with other people. She has neglected the time that she usually spent reading and thinking about her position in the world. It seemed more and more like she needed a day away from everything that she has been doing as of late. As such, she decided that she would devote an entire day to just reading. She would still attempt to socialize, but it wouldn’t be her top priority.

Today’s novel of choice was Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield. This was mainly because she was fascinated with the life of Charles Dickens himself, and the novel paralleled many events in his life. She was about one hundred pages in when she decided that she should probably get some kind of change of scenery before she continued to read. She wondered where she could do so, and figured that she would change it up from her usual locations, such as the library and the park.

Eventually she decided that she would go to the beach. After all, she heard about people reading on the beach all the time. However, she didn’t quite take into account the fact that when people usually read on the beach, it was summer and warm out. She casually walked her way to the beach despite the frigid temperature, complete with an umbrella and a towel. She didn’t usually wear a swimsuit anyway, but if she did, she would probably be wearing one right now. She took a seat on her towel and began to continue reading David Copperfield.

As was typical with her, Elise quickly became restless. Sitting still was one of her main peeves, since it just led to her mind wandering unexplainably. She quickly got up and began to pace around the beach and the nearby boardwalk. After awhile she managed to mess up even worse than usual. She accidentally bumped into something, and managed to fall down quickly. As it turned out, this someone was actually a person. Elise didn’t really think to make eye contact with the person or say something, she just got up and began to dust off her dress. Her facial expression showed little to no reaction to her fall, as was typical with her.

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It was fascinating, honestly. Jin, a quiet man and one who didn't go out much, sat at the beach on this cold winter day. It was different than most days, however, as the sun was nicely blocked by the rotating clouds in the sky. The chilly weather set aside, this was one of the few chances Jin actually got to enjoy the beach. Somewhere that was normally cloaked head to toe in sunlight, somewhere particularly dangerous for a man as pale as himself, he felt a sense of normalcy when he sat there on the grainy sand, on his blanket.

But what was the young idol actually doing? It was far too cold to swim, and given the fact that swimming normally required seeing (so you didn't float off into the endless expanse of the sea) there wasn't much for the man to do, was there? Well, no, not entirely. Jin sat under an umbrella, his hands placed behind him to keep himself propped up and he just...enjoyed it. The way the sea smelled, the sound of the waves crashing into the sand and then rolling back in on itself. The gentle breeze that danced across his cheeks. Everything was amplified and he was just enjoying it.

Yes, there were people walking the boardwalk, some even likely staring at the man one sat on the beach during the winter. It was an odd sight, for sure, but there were benefits to being mostly blind, and not seeing the other people was one of them. His silence, and his peace had been kept mostly intact until he heard the rustling of sand around him. The movement in the sand and the ground was subtle, but soon enough he could feel his blanket tugging and then all he felt was the full weight of another person crashing in front of him. The blurry figure of a person crashing down caused the white haired male to jump back.

"Oh my go..." He stopped himself, being taught to never take the lords name in vain, he took a deep breath before searching the general area for a blurred image. "Excuse me..." He said, finding the image and staring up at the person before him. "Are you okay? I'm sorry for having been sprawled out like that, I wasn't expecting another person on the beach." He paused, taking a second deep breath with his eyes darting from this person to the ground, back to them and then to his blanket. "I'm sorry...Ahhh...I already sai..." He stopped himself from talking again, instead bowing his head and waiting for whoever it was to say...anything.
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