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 STARTER GUIDE, first stop
first stop
starter guide
The first step before even joining the site is to naturally check it out. We recommend you to at least look at these links before joining:Make sure this is the site for you before you join. And if you like us then welcome to the site! Now all you need to do is register.

As stated in the rules we like you to register as your character FIRST NAME LAST NAME, in all caps. After that it's naturally time to make your character. Here are a few links you should take a look at so you know what kind of life your character might be living:Once you got that head to the APPLICATION. Read the first post as it will tell you how we would like for you to title your thread along with which of the two templates to use. Once you got your template make sure to post in the PENDING BOARD. There is no need to put 'wip' or anything because we won't be checking your app until you tell us in the NOTIFICATION THREAD.

Now at times you might not have a character idea but you really love the site. Well then come onto the WANTED ADS and look through to see if any that strike you. That way you could get a character idea and help someone out as well.

Once you're accepted don't forget to post in the CLAIMS that apply to your character. You are also to set up your character's MERCHANDISE page to keep track of what they own whether it be some valuable item to them, house, business or some piece in the entertainment world. Then after that we just want you to post your character's DEVELOPMENT THREAD which also include a relationship tracker and you're all done and ready to go.

So for those who are stars, you might wonder how your character will rise up in the dog eat dog world of entertainment. Well in order to be fair this site has a RATING SYSTEM for every piece of work you buy from the SHINAN STORE. And your character's status will depend on the average of all of their works. There is also a sidebar on the left of the site that list the top current works within the entertainment industry.

Other things one can do regardless of who they are is shop in AUROZORA STORE also known as the general store. As this store is open for public, anyone can buy their merchandise here. Of course in order to buy you will need cash which you can get from posting or doing JOBS posted up for you.

Lastly as this is a big entertainment city, the media is pretty much everything. On this site the biggest trending social media is POZE. So why not set up an account for yourself and be a part of the media?

You're bound to have questions and that's more than ok! We have A FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION thread. You can also pm a staff or just ask them on the cbox and we're more than happy to answer.
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